Type: UX Design
Tool: Sketch, Illustrator
Date: Sep 2016 - Present
Team Member: Ganesh Ramanathan, Olivia McGil

This ARGO mobile app allows Liberian citizen to report on infrastructure issues they observe in their community to officials in Liberia.
At Tiger Party, I've been mostly involved in creating the mobile app while implementing UX design process including user research, wire-framing, prototyping and user testing.


This platform, ARGO, aims to allow reporters from the Ministry of Public Works to track the progress of this endeavor on a daily basis, and Liberian citizens to report any infrastructure issue they encounter in their communities.

ARGO is mainly based on coordination between a website and a mobile app; website is mainly used for tracking the development and gaining its information for the officials, and mobile is used for reporting any infrastructure issues for the citizens.


This app allows Liberian citizens to submit one-time reports in their community. This app will be mostly image based, similarly like Instagram. Citizens can take a picture, add minimal information to the picture, and the app will automatically tag the location.


Using this app, monitoring and reporting the issue by citizens can help to solve local road condition problems faster and more efficiently. It strengthens the line of communication between those living with the complications and those responsible for fixing them.

Citizen's engagement on their community issues will improve the quality of public services and governance. According to World Bank Country Director for Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone, Mr. Yusupha Crookes, “Establishing effective and robust contract monitoring coalitions will contribute to controlling corruption and ultimately improve public sector efficiency and the delivery of public about."
On a broader level, the platform allows government stakeholders to observe long-term trends across various projects. Officials can see how progress aligns with project indicators, what is effective, and what needs a second look.

User flow


Final Design