Type: UX design
Tool: Sketch, Illustrator
Date: Dec 2016

This cloud-based dashboard is 3d printing management platform that you can prepare and monitor 3d printing anywhere, anytime. With this dashboard, you can set user permissions to allow for a limited number of prints and have a complete audit trail of activity across your entire network. 3D printers can be connected to the this cloud with one click.


In the form of website or mobile application, It needs to communicate the status of the printer in a single page, whether or not it’s printing and who has access to it. Most of users are unfamiliar with a 3d printer, so it has to be simple and easy to use.


I’ve looked up another 3d printing softwares on the market, such as Formlabs, Ultimakers and Grabcad to see their usabilities and designs. Although I liked most of them, I wasn't able to find specific app that I would take as a best example. Some have problem showing printer information in a comprehensive way, and some require technical knowledge to use, which might be challenging to first-time user.


I began writing down combination of lists and questions to get started. I sketched out several layouts and diagrams to brainstorm.



Considering the target user and the information I gathered while observing people who use a 3d printer, I created this simple persona to focus on users I’m designer for.

Zoe, who’s working as an industrial designer and CEO at a wearable device startup in New York city, need to rapidly print many prototypes in an affordable way before releasing the product in the market. Since she’s working at a busy setting, she can’t stay at her desk and monitor the printer all the time. She wants to check the status for the printer quickly and easily, anywhere, anytime. Being on same page with team members and communicate with them efficiently is one of her main goal as well.

Final Design